Practical Treatment


The approach is meant for the musician to find a further way to communicate, exploring in the broad field of harmonic possibilities and in order to use them as a visual mirror.

In order to encounter a musical scale as colour it is indispensable to encounter it freshly without preoccupation. Each single scale should be explored playfully in:

  1. Starting from the basic tone
  2. Playing the crucial tones
  3. Placing more emphasis on the crucial tones
  4. Relaxing within the special character/mood of the harmony


It becomes obvious that the shown harmonic space is exemplary and becomes an indicator for further examinations and presentations of harmonic space as such. In the same way the different horizontals scales are presented with one tendency of specific function, one can build many other scales with different augmented and diminished scales and value them as light in degree and colour.


This harmony approach is also meant to practice a flexibility of the mind and to enjoy a vaster describable variety of harmonies as energies and dynamic components.
From this angle it can serve as reference material to use in musical education and to gain an understanding about the harmonic space in an unhindered free mode.

This theory is also offered to be of interest as a reference for examinations in other fields of sciences, which are working with structural modulations, holons, perception and emotional states or examine hierarchical orders or parallel orders of conventions and adequate alternatives

Final Remark

As final remark we would like you to use this material freely and in a state of ease.
At the same time we would like to ask you sincerely to use the name Longchen Harmony out of zhe respect for its source and as a common base for inspiration.


Thank you for your attention!
Every commentary is most welcome!

Written by Markus Loebel/Jamyang Sangpo
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Written by Markus Loebel/ Jamyang Sangpo
The second version has been established in the net with the help of Niels Bogaards
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Written by Markus Loebel/ Jamyang Sangpo
This present edition has been established in the net with the help of Dietmar Kiesow.
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